Working in HR is more than just being nice to your employees

Working in HR

Fairness, instead of niceness

  • Maintaining employee relations is not about ensuring that everyone is happy with their circumstances. Often times, it is difficult to build both a fair and effective work environment, together with an entirely satisfied labour force.
  • Employee management is about differentiating top talent. It is tough to constantly have to explain why some are rewarded more than others.

Deliverer of not-so-positive news

  • There are 2 sides to every process.
  • HR employees are involved in restructuring and hiring processes, to name a few. They are the main deliverer of bad news to employees and candidates who have been laid off, or not been selected for the job.
  • Thus, some HR professionals tend to feel responsible for the negative life-changing impact on their fellow colleagues, and this burden can be emotionally exhausting to carry.

Constantly act as the mediator

  • It is tough to balance the needs of the executives and the other employees.
  • Each person comes to HR professionals with their own unique set of problems, and it is challenging to adjust to different scenarios quickly.
  • Constantly acting as the mediator between employees and the company can also cause emotional burnout hence negative feelings and lower productivity.

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