Why I love working in HR

Why I love working in HR

Not sure if a career in HR is for you? Here are 4 reasons why I love working in HR:

  1. It is rewarding

    • We are the enablers in our companies.
    • We help solve our employee’s problems and motivate them to be better.
    • We get the opportunity to make other’s working lives better.
  2. We get to shape our company

    • We seek new ways to solve old problems, and create new solutions to bring the company to greater heights.
    • We are not just in a position to change the company’s business processes, but also its overall direction and character.
  3. So much exposure

    • HR provides exposure to various departments of an organisation.
    • Many skills picked up in a role in HR (eg. interpersonal skills) lay a strong foundation for subsequent roles. The skills picked up from a role in HR are not just valuable, but also transferable.
    • Many successful HR professionals also often go on to pursue careers in areas such as management, advisory and strategy development with great success.
  4. Work is different everyday

    • Day in, day out there are different challenges and tasks to be completed, ranging from administrative duties to surveying employees to inform ideas on how to improve on business processes
    • If a mundane job is not for you, HR is a path you could definitely consider.

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