HR in a digitised world

Digitised world

The rapidly evolving technological landscape brings about many changes to the HR world.

The following are 3 areas HR has to focus on as a result of digitisation:

  1. Restructuring of the organization to allow for digital transformation

    • In order to fit technology into the business model, HR has to map expected future technological capabilities to the different areas in the organisation.
    • They have to align their strategy to what their organisation aims to achieve through increased use of technology, as well as decide what capabilities are required to drive such innovation.
    • After which, they will have to assess the gap between current and future roles in the organisation and create an agile process to shift the company towards improvement through digitization.
  2. Attracting the digitally talented

    • Digitisation allows for mobility. In order for organisations to stay attractive in the newer technologically advanced world, policies for internal and global movements is a must to show the company’s support for transferable competencies in the digital economy.
    • HR also has to portray the organisation to be one that is able to keep up with the times; one that is successful in using innovative solutions, and is able to support their employees technological growth.
    • By promoting the company, HR is able attract a larger talent pool, which increases the chances of finding the best fit for the organisation.
  3. Ensure digital competence amongst organization leaders

    • Digitally competent leaders are key in paving the way for digital transformation in an organisation.
    • They tend to have amazing foresight and a visionary mindset, and are able to decide on digital initiatives while developing solutions to potential disruptions in the technological world.
    • Leaders first have to embody an entrepreneurial spirit in order to continually innovate, as well as harness a champion mentality to engage with different stakeholders and promote the new digital organisation.

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