2 main reasons why I love working in Digital Marketing

2 main reasons why I love working in Digital Marketing

1. It rewards creativity and innovation

  • Unlike the past, digital marketing now involves not just creativity, but also relies heavily on technical input and innovation.
  • On the daily, digital marketers think of ways to incorporate people and technology, redefining creating.
  • They align products, process and people in order to convey their desired message, driving the business in a unique and authentic manner.
  • There seems to be a new and interesting challenge every day, especially in the fast-changing digital world where the industry constantly redefines itself, making the job never mundane.

2. It allows for connection with people

  • Digital marketing allow for two-way communication between companies and consumers, allowing companies to interact directly with their customers and audience.
  • Digital marketers are able to directly hear customers out, understand their problems and subsequently solve them.
  • The experience is personal and the sense of accomplishment in connecting positively with the customers and audience is irreplaceable.

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