Why is HR so important?

Why is HR so important?

Many people often overlook the importance of HR. As businesses start flourishing, companies start finding themselves grappling with people management issues, and this inevitably leads to a huge limitation in the determination of success in many companies.

HR is important as it:

  1. Motivates employees to perform

    • When employees feel supported and are given many opportunities for growth, they feel appreciated by the company and would want to work harder
    • This helps increase the quality of work produced, which is beneficial for the growth of the company
  2. Attracts future talents

    • A good employer reputation is an important factor in attracting talent
    • Many people consider a positive work environment and culture a crucial factor in their career decisions
  3. Keeps the company updated on technology

    • HR supports the workforce by identifying and implementing technology and other tools
    • Help employees work more effectively and efficiently with one another

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