How can we widen our talent pool?

How can we widen our talent pool?

A wide talent pool is vital in securing the best employees who will make long-term positive impact on your organisation. Without the right people, companies will not be able to prosper.

By taking steps to widen your talent pool, you are making the future development of your organisation much easier.

The following are some ways you can widen your talent pool:

  1. Be flexible in your terms of employment

    • Offering flexible working locations and timings will appeal to a wider geographic area, as well as those with prior commitments such as family.
    • For example, companies can allow employees to have a choice on whether to work from the office or from home. Offering the option for part-time hours is another idea.
  2. Use social media

    • Almost everyone uses social media in this day and age.
    • The use of social media will grow your reach beyond your immediate audience, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect match for your company.
    • You can also use social media for brand awareness, etc.
    • Social media is conversational; get your audience to interact with you by curating posts that would generate the most buzz.
  3. Collaborative recruitment

    • Combining the use of external agencies with input from your own employees and use of social media, helps in widening the pool of candidates you will be able to choose from.

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