3 Best HR practices during Covid-19

3 Best HR practices during Covid-19

  1. Consistently communicate.

    As most of us work from home during this pandemic, it is crucial that we make deliberate efforts to communicate with our peers, and even over communicate if necessary.

    Our communication should be thoughtful and clear, and as transparent as possible. This will allow all employees to feel valued in the company, and is a great way for us to build trust within the team despite not being in the presence of one another.

    Regular meetings can also be established to allow us to catch up with one another as well as discuss updates and other strategies.

  2. Care for Employees Health and Safety

    Keeping in constant communication with your employees on their physical and mental health allows employees to feel supported and cared for.

    Leaders can practice more empathy during this period, as well as address any employee concerns in a prompt matter.

    HR professionals can also constantly remind employees on hygiene and safety practices. This mitigates employees’ anxieties as by proactively talking about your organization’s sanitary health practices and the strong precautions and guidelines in place at the workplace, employees would be able to feel more at ease when visiting the office when they feel necessary.

    Also, HR professionals could help encourage social distancing by asking staff members to not only limit travel and large group gatherings, but also avoid physical interaction such as handshakes.

    Creating a quick and accessible guide for all employees would help address any

    employee concerns on the company’s efforts in encouraging health and employee well-being, work engagement, boundaries etc.

  3. Involve HR in the Emergency Response Team

    HR is able to provide valuable input in the Emergency Response Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) as they are able to gather and share employees and client’s concerns.

    HR can also inform the team of new developments in employment laws and benefits, share revised policies and share risks related to the crisis, all while making sure that values of the organisation are still at the centre of decision-making.

    This helps ensure that the company values still tightly bond employees even during this trying period.

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